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Antique Phone from Grove Park InnShorter SEO was forged from a combination of business and ministry education. After 6 years in ministry, Kevin Shorter felt God’s leading into business. The first test in God’s provision came during the required GMAT testing for all MBA prospects. His marks of 97 percentile open doors to many prestigious schools.

Kevin Shorter decided on Wake Forest’s Babcock School of Business focusing on marketing and entrepreneurship. He has since worked inside adidas, Lowe’s Home Improvement, Abbott Labs, and many other companies. Kevin is a data-driven manager who can synthesize large amounts of information to its relative parts.

Shorter SEO is based on the belief that every business originated in the heart of God. The business owner created something where there was nothing, and in that way imitated the Creator God. To varying degrees each business is still aligned to that original idea from God. Our goal is to dream with God for each business. As they come into alignment with God’s plan for them, these businesses will naturally increase sales and customers. In so doing, God will get His heart’s desire for that company.

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Get in touch with one of the world’s leading Christian small business consultants. If you need business alignment, marketing strategy, or just plain motivation, this is the service for you. Go face to face with Shorter SEO to bring hope back to your business.


Recommendation for Kevin Shorter

“I team teach the MBA accounting course with a colleague. My portion of the course (managerial accounting) focuses on the analysis of internally-generated financial information as a decision tool for effective management. While there are techniques that are taught, the decisions, like many in organizations, are unstructured and require creativity to solve. Kevin excelled in this part of the course. Although he had limited exposure to accounting prior to his arrival in the program, he was among the best in his class in problem identification and creative problem solving. Kevin acted as a teaching assistant for me [the following year] and conducted “help” sessions for students struggling with managerial accounting concepts. Kevin excelled at this task. I received several unsolicited testimonials from students speaking positively of Kevin’s dedication and skill at guiding them through difficult concepts. I think this only reflects Kevin’s professionalism and concern. In summary, I feel Kevin has the necessary analytical abilities, motivation and concern for others that will make him a successful manager and leader.

Dr. Ken Middaugh
Associate Dean for Management Education 
Associate Professor of Management
Wake Forest School of Business

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Marketing Tips

Maintain contact with previous customers. They can provide repeat business or referrals.

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